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The most advanced portable technology in the world. Unlike today's smart watches and bracelets, Life Watch is not limited by tracking physical parameters.

The watch can connected to the WebWellness cloud via smartphone application available for Apple and Android devices.

Based on the large amount of data processed by the neural network, when detecting minimal deviations from the norm, a harmonizing program is formed, and is transmitted to your Life Watch through the phone application.

 Life Watch has a simple design, extensive functionality and a small size (length: 4.7 cm; width: 4.2 cm; height: 1.5 cm).

 The device will help you to control:

  •  Heart rate (pulse)
  • Body fatigue rate
  • Blood oxygen rate
  • Emotional condition
  • Sleep quality (tracks your phases of sleep and wakes you up during the rapid eye movement sleep phase, REM sleep)
  • Calories burned
  • Distance traveled (based on the number of steps)
  • Vital energy control
  • Lack of motor activity (Life Watch will ask you to move, if you spend a lot of time sitting at the computer)
  • Phone control (The watch will signal as soon as you go far from the phone and help you to find the phone).

 Also, the device has an SOS button that allows your parents or children to dial your number with one touch or send GPS coordinates, if necessary.

 In addition to these characteristics, Life Watch also has:

  •  GPS
  • audio player
  • browser
  • weather forecast
  • photo gallery
  • camera
  • voice recorder
  • calculator
  • phone
  • creative time display design

This set includes:

Life Watch device - 1 pc.

USB cable - 1 pc.

User manual - 1 pc.

Package - 1 pc.